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Why choose us?

Our Mission

We are the fastest growing Wholesale and Correspondent lender in the country. Top 3 in Price, Number 1 in Service and Execution.

E2 stays true on building successful long-term relationships with brokers, lenders, and emerging banker partners. We strive to consistently provide a superior third-party lending experience. We deliver on this promise through proactive expert guidance, responsive ongoing contact, and our seasoned experience in the wholesale lending space. We also encourage our partners to speak with our loan processors and account executives directly, so they can be assured of E2’s dedication to efficiency and seamless communication.

Statement towards current events in TPO

E2 Lending and our management team would never think to tell you who you can or cannot do business with as it relates to your investor partners.  We realize that competition, and the ability to have optionality in whom you choose to partner with, is the very essence of what makes you an Independent Mortgage Expert. Attempting to force a “choice,” is harmful to you, your borrowers, and our industry.

The ability for you to choose the lenders that best suit you and your borrowers is what can separate you from the rest of the market and is the essence of why being an Independent Mortgage Expert is the current path you have chosen to follow.  As a company, we applaud that “choice”, and will always support that very individual decision regardless of what lenders you choose to partner with.

Brian Simon, CMB
Senior Vice President, Director of Mortgage

Turn Times

Underwriting New Files: 48 Hours
Conditions Review: 48 Hours
Initial CD Requests: 24 Hours
Turn times subject to change without notice.

A True Partner

In this market you need a Partner, not a Lender. With account executives all over the country and direct-to-processing communication, we’re here for you.
We know that your reputation depends on us, this is why we’re the hardest-working Wholesale/Correspondent Lender out there.

Diversified loan products with the most competitive pricing.
No Overlays
and Portfolio Programs.
24 hour, rapid turn times.
Exceptional guidance,
follow through, and delivery.
Cutting-edge, integrated
technological solutions.
We are one of the fastest-growing Wholesale Lenders and leading the way in our ethical and responsible lending practices.